Commercial Test And Balance

Do you need a certified test & balance report for your commercial HVAC system,rooftop unit(s), make up air unit(s) (MUA), economizers, kitchen exhaust hood (type 1 or 2, grease or smoke), or exhaust fans? 

Air Flow Problems? Hot Rooms? Cold Rooms? This is the place …

 Efficient Energy  Services, Inc. is Certified by the National Balancing Institute (N.B.I.) – A certifying organization parented by the National Comfort Institute (N.C.I.)

Testing Adjusting and Balancing of HVAC Systems

Testing, adjusting, and balancing is the process of checking and adjusting the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and subsystems to perform at the design intent and operate at an an optimum level.This process includes review of the design documents for balanceability and a methodical approach to test and balance all systems to their optimal performance with verifiable test results. Efficient Energy Services use
up to date calibrated equipment to perform all TAB testing.

A well performed testing, adjusting & balancing work is essential to the proper performance of building HVAC systems and the resultant indoor air quality.                            

Testing adjusting and balancing is an opportunity to:                    

Minimize energy and operating cost
Improve indoor air quality
Improve comfort
Lower humidity
Reduce maintenance
Reduce equipment failure

Test & Balance

When HVAC equipment is started up, it will not blow the air the

engineer intends for the HVAC system to work properly. The system must be

“balanced” so that the correct air flows are present during normal system


From the airside, the balancing technician will slow equipment fans up or down and

may even need to change belts or pulleys to achieve the desire flow out of the

equipment. The air coming out the ceiling diffusers is usually controlled by a

damper off the retangular duct above ceiling. I do not recomend having a volume

damper in the face of the grille itself because, although it is easier to adjust the

airflow at the ceiling, volume dampers in the face of diffusers are notorious for

whistling and rattling over time.

Test and balance is an absolutely critical step in HVAC system installation. A system

designed by the world’s best engineers and installed by the industry’s leading

craftsman will be rendered useless if it is not balanced properly.

 Every new HVAC system should be tested and balanced by a Certified Test

and Balance Technician