Florida Duct Blast Testing


Duct Blast Testing

If you have a furnace,air conditioning system or heat pump,you have duct work delivering the heat or cool air to the rooms in your house. In Florida the condition of those ducts can play a major role in how much electricity you pay to heat or cool your home each month.

Purpose of Duct Testing

The major goal of duct testing is to assess whether there is any air being lost. Duct testing focuses on pressurizing the ducts themselves. All ducts registers and grills are sealed off for the test.Then a fan with calibrated pressure gauges delivers a gentle flow of air into the sealed duct system.The pressure gauges then read how much pressure is escaping from system. If a system is to leaky we can perform a Duct Fog Test

Leaky return ducts in unconditioned space or garages can allow hot attic air or fumes from your garage to enter your duct system and contaminate the air in your home. This is indoor Air Pollution


Who should Schedule Duct Testing

Contractors get your ducts checked after installation and receive energy credits,  cover any building codes in your area, and prevent from having call backs on cooling issues due to leaks. Use duct test reports as a selling point for your energy efficient home. Ask about the builders packages and other services

Home owners if you are replacing an old air conditioning or heating system, you should have the ducts tested . For one, if your existing duct system is leaking then you won't experience the benefits and performance you expect from your new equipment.  

 Home buyers scheduling duct testing before purchasing a home can be worthwhile investment. This way you can insure you don't end up purchasing a home that can cost a great deal to keep comfortable .A duct test can either put you in a better bargaining position, or prevent you from buying the wrong home for your budget.

If you have high heating or air conditioning cost, consider duct testing immediately.Lost air is a major cause of high heating and cooling bills.
 We use all updated equipment to perform our duct blast testing to achive the most accurate readings for quick efficient testing