AIR Flow Design,Diagnostics and Testing 
                               For a Greener and Cleaner Environment

Welcome to Efficient Energy Services, a Florida third party Blower Door, Duct Blast Testing, Commercial Test And Balance,Building Diagnostics and Energy Code Compliance Company

                             WE PROVIDE STATEWIDE SERVICE

                      COMMERCIAL AIR BALANCING 

                      RESIDENTIAL AIR BALANCING

                       KITCHEN HOOD BALANCING 
                      WE FIX PROBLEM BUILDINGS

                           BLOWER DOOR TESTING 
                               HUMIDITY ISSUES 

               RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL COOLING                                           LOAD CALCULATIONS

                              MANUAL J  &  MANUAL S 

                            MANUAL D & DUCT DESIGN 

                        ENERGY  CODE CALCULATIONS



                    Florida HERS Raters &
            BPI Building Analst Needed
      Efficient Energy Services Inc is looking for Florida             subcontractors  to perform Blower Door testing State Wide 
      We provide the jobs and do the paperwork you do the                   Testing  Please Contact Us  352 669-9090

                               Internal Air Dampers
               Your Answer To Residential Air Balancing

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Efficient Energy Services Inc. will provide Third Party Testing to test Duct Leakage, System Efficiency and Test & Balance on new and existing homes and business to obtain maximum energy efficiency, meet building code requirements and insure a clean & comfortable environment.

WE Specialize in correcting restaurants and kitchens with pressure issues     

Let us inspect your home and we will show you how to SAVE on your electric bill every month  We will provide you with a list of improvements you can make yourself and SAVE.

Most air conditioning ducts are installed in unconditioned space therefore any leak in a duct system is a loss of energy which leads to loss of money, energy efficiency and air quality. Too much air infiltration in a building can cause issues like drafts, poor air quality, loss of air conditioning and poor cooling . Here at Efficient Energy Service we use all the latest technology to perform Test and Diagnose your living and working environment.

No more rule of thumb on air conditioning and duct sizing. Manual J load calculations for accurate  room by room load calculations, Manual D for proper duct sizing and accurate air delivery. All system layouts done in auto CAD to scale for easy job bidding and ordering of material.