Residential Energy Code Compliance

2010 Code Change is here March 15  2012 two types of energy forms that can be used a prescriptive B this will be for older homes that can not meet the requirements of the more stringent Performance method.

f you have a older home and use the prescriptive method for your energy calculations you will be required to have a duct test performed by a Class 1 Rater. The  home must meet the standard of 3 CFM per 100 Sqft leakage to the outside or 9 CFM per 100 Sqft Total leakage. 

A Performance residential energy code compliance is performed from set of plans new construction, or a site visit for existing homes, remodels and additions.This is to calculate the energy use of your home to meet all local code compliance . Efficient Energy Services will provide you with the Energy Code Compliance Documents need for permitting your job.