Duct testing Levels

Not only can we provide you with the proper duct testing you need, we can also smoke the duct system for a visual inspection of the complete duct system and air handler. We will tag the leaks for your HVAC contractor to locate and repair.

There are several levels of Duct Testing available
Level one includes use of a blower door and pressure pan, this testing will tell you
if you have supply branches leaking to the outside. this is the most inexpensive testing available.
Level Two testing includes use of a fan and a smoke machine this testing will give you a visual look at your complete system,a/h,supply trunk,return trunk,supply branches, return branches and grilles.
Level three includes use of a blower door and a duct blaster,this testing will give 
the numbers Total duct leakage,Duct leakage to the out side. These numbers are used for enregy code compliance credits and for energy ratings performed on the residence. 
Certified Duct Testing BERS, HERS